Externally insulated solid walls

Timber or steel framed walls

Internally insulated walls

Need for Thermal Insulation


Is Manufactured by AL-HURRIA PLASTIC INDUSTRIES CO L.L.C AT ITS Factory Located In Sahab Industrial Estate Amman–Jordan Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam is manufactured in accordance to the German (DIN) and American (ASTM) Standards and specification Under ISO 9002 Quality Systems. In addition, X FOAM has been tested to UL- 723 standard for flame spread and has been UL Classified.
X FOAM insulation sheets are produced in a continuous extrusion process. X FOAM can be used in the method of separation of the protected surface, when the arrangement of the insulating layer is over the water insulating layer which is covered and protected.
X FOAM sheets are composed of closed cells of common walls. The production uses continuous extrusion process. In accordance with international standards , this high –technology enable it to have excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to water vapor, high compressive strength, resistance of limitation, and the lack of characteristic poetic prose and immune to insects, bacteria and rodents.